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My staff raves about David. He is not only skilled and knowledgeable, he is flexible and amenable to working around teachers’ varied schedules and attending to their equally varied concerns.

David is the consummate professional. I am happy to recommend him!

Marnie Kula, Ph.D.
Science Department Chair
InSTAR® Science Research Director
Ward Melville High School

Micro-Optics has provided sales, service and support to myself and my departments at New Jersey City University and St. Francis College for nearly 25 years. There are several reasons why I have retained Micro-Optics as my preferred microscope and instrument vendor, foremost of which is the high-quality products and services that they provide.

I rely on Micro-Optics to provide me with information and solutions to my microscopy and instrumentation issues. They are knowledgeable about their full range of products, as well as the operational principles of the equipment. Last and most important, I have come to enjoy the honesty and integrity of Micro-Optics, its owner, and its employees to a degree that I have not experienced with many vendors with whom I have worked over the years.

J.G Ph.D.
Chairman of Biology
New Jersey City University

From every aspect of my interactions with MicroOptics and in particular the CEO, Philip Weissman, I have been incredibly satisfied…

Following procurement, in addition to continued dealings with Philip, I also have been extremely happy with my interactions with their local service representative, Alex Camejo, who is knowledgeable and quick to respond to service requests.

Dr. David M. 
Assistant Professor Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology
Stony Brook University

His [Philip Weissman] service has consistently been of very high quality and he and his associates have always conducted themselves in a professional manner. They are friendly, respectful and very knowledgeable…

Lastly and simply I’d just like to say that Philip and his associates are just plain nice people who do a great job.

Thomas B
Chairman of Biomedical Sciences
Quinnipiac University

The microscopes arrived yesterday and I unpacked them and set them up today. I am very pleased. We always get great quality and exceptional service from you and your company. Thank you so much!

Gail S.
Biology Department
UMass Lowell

He (Philip Weissman CEO) provided wonderful service- I felt as though he listened to what I was saying and really cared that I ended up with a product I was happy with… Phil is all about helping his clients.

Nancy H.
Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology
Stony Brook University

I needed to setup a routine maintenance service for the teaching labs microscopes that haven’t been services for years and many of which needed major repairs. I was very impressed and greatly satisfied with the kind of service (both technical and customer) that Micro-Optics provided. Having limited funds availability, I was still able to gradually bring our department’s microscopes up to standards (thanks to Micro-Optics!) and now I’m able to provide our students and faculty with proper equipment.

Biological Sciences, CUNY

For over 16 years, the Biology Department at Queens College CUNY, has used the company MICRO-OPTICS for the preventive maintenance and servicing of our microscopes. During all these years Micro-optics has proven to be a reliable and excellent provider, we never had a negative experience with them. Their technicians and office staff are very knowledgeable, efficient and courteous. In addition their prices have always out compete those of every other company.

Xenia Freilich, PhD
Chief College Laboratory Technician